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John Shields, Ph.D.

Managing Director
Office 152

Dr. Shields has been the Co-Director of GEM since 2000. He has been involved with Electron Microscopy and other microscopy technologies for over 25 years. His background is in biology, geology and environmental sciences. Dr. Shields is an Assistant Academic Professional in the Dept. of Cell Biology.

Tina Salguero, Ph.D.

Academic Director

Dr. Salguero is a professor in the Department of Chemistry. Her research program explores the properties of inorganic nanomaterials.

Eric Formo, Ph.D.

Lab Manager
Office 156

Dr. Formo spent time at Oakridge National Labs and has experience with polymers, nanomaterials and geological samples.

Beth Richardson

Lab Coordinator
Office 151

Beth has thirty-one years of EM working with fungi, plants and foraminifera. She is a member of the Southeastern Microscopy Society and the Microscopy Society of America.

Mary Ard

CVM EM Lab Manager
Office 151

Mary joins our facility as a representative from the Pathology department in the College of Veterinary Medicine. She is board certified as a Histotechnician, and has 30 years experience in biological EM. She specializes in negative staining for viral confirmation in the veterinary realm and collaborates with area pathologists and veterinarians in diagnostic EM.