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John Shields, Ph.D.

Managing Director
Office 152

Dr. Shields is Managing Director for Georgia Electron Microscopy and an Academic Professional in the Department of Cellular Biology. His primary responsibilities are management and administration of GEM along with Dr. Salguero. Dr. Shields is a point of contact for EM services and expertise in the biological and food sciences community, as well as biological sample prep equipment. Dr. Shields is involved in difficult biological sample preparation, education and workshops covering sample preparation and electron microscopy.

Tina Salguero, Ph.D.

Academic Director

Dr. Salguero is the Academic Director of Georgia Electron Microscopy and a professor in the Department of Chemistry at UGA. Her research program on inorganic nanomaterials for electronics and energy applications relies heavily on traditional and state-of-the-art electron microscopy techniques. She also contributes materials analysis expertise to archaeometry projects dealing with ancient pigments and ceramics. Her responsibilities as GEM’s Academic Director include grant writing and new instrument acquisition.

Eric Formo, Ph.D.

Lab Manager
Office 156

Dr. Formo is an Assistant Academic Professional and the Lab Manager of Georgia Electron Microscopy. His primary responsibilities revolve around the imaging and analysis of materials samples as well as being the primary point of contact for the Thermo Fisher Teneo, Hitachi SU-9000, Leica DVM6, Horiba XRF, and materials prep equipment. In addition, Dr. Formo is active in research focusing on the analysis of nanomaterials in the environment, electron energy loss spectroscopy, plasmonics, and in situ nanomaterials growth.

Mary Ard

CVM EM Lab Manager
Office 151

Mary Ard is the GEM Lab Coordinator for the Veterinary Diagnostic Services of Georgia Electron Microscopy. Her primary responsibilities are providing EM services and expertise for the veterinary community in the state of Georgia as well as throughout the nation and abroad through collaboration efforts with departments in UGA’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Ms. Ard is the point of contact when veterinary clinics or academic veterinary organizations have inquiries relating to electron microscopy and the animal kingdom.