GEM History and Museum

EM Museum
Jerome J. Paulin Electron Microscopy Museum

The Georgia Electron Microscopy facility originally began as the Central Electron Microscopy Lab in 1969 with a NSF Centers of Excellence grant and under the administration of the Biology Division, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences.  Before that, several electron microscopes were in use in different departments until the Central EM lab was established.

The Central EM Lab has had four on-site (or managing) directors, Dr. Walter Humphreys (1969-1984), Dr. Jerome Paulin (1984-1993), Dr. Mark Farmer (1993-2004) and Dr. John Shields (2004-present).  In 2007, Academic Directors (co-directors) were added. They were Dr. Mark Farmer, Dr. Charles Keith, Dr. Paul Schroeder.  Presently Dr. Tina Salguero is the Academic Director.

Jerry Paulin began collecting older electron microscopes and some preparatory equipment.  The equipment ended up in a small EM Museum housed in the first floor hallway of Barrow Hall. This museum honors the late Dr. Paulin and his passion for electron microscopy.  Enjoy this virtual tour of the EM museum and the history of EM at UGA.  Please click on the image for a larger view and more information about the equipment.

“Electron Theater” in Barrow Hall

Electron Theater and outreach