Other Equipment

SPI sputter coater: This coater creates a plasma of either gold or gold/palladium to coat samples for scanning electron microscopy samples.

(Structure Probe, Inc., West Chester PA)

Click here to see a Youtube video detailing how to use the SPI coater

Tousimis critical point dryer (CPD): Critical point drying uses liquid CO2 to completely dry samples typically for SEM.  The unit requires staff or specialized training.

(Tousimis Research Company, Rockville MD)

Click here to view a Youtube video about how to use the Tousimis CPD

Hitachi Zone: This instrument uses a UV-based cleaning technology to minimize or eliminate hydrocarbon contamination from your SEM samples.

(Hitachi High-Tech, Schaumburg, Illinois)

Tepal Plasmod: This piece of equipment generates an oxygen plasma which can be used to clean samples before imaging. It can also be used to etch biological samples for specialized imaging, or ash samples.

JEOL JEE400 vacuum evaporator: This system uses high heat and a high-vacuum to evaporate a variety of metals or carbon to coat samples.  Requires staff operation.

(JEOL USA, Peabody MA)

The Leica MX6: An optical stereoscope used for sample prep, dissection, and orientation.

BioRad Glow Discharge unit:  This unit uses a ion plasma primarily for discharging TEM coated grids.