Workshop: Biological TEM

This intensive, three-day workshop provides a practical and basic theoretical introduction to Transmission Electron Microscopy and biological sample preparation techniques. Each day will consist of lecture, discussion, and hands-on training led by GEM staff.
What: Anyone requiring training on TEM and biological sample preparation. The workshop will be limited to 4 participants.
Cost: UGA: $600 per participant, Non-Profit Institutions: $800 per participant, For-Profit participants: $1200. This fee includes supplies, chemicals, hands-on beam time, personalized training by GEM staff, and completion certificate. Lunch is provided each day.
Where: Georgia Electron Microscopy Core Facility, ISTEM Research Building 1, UGA campus
Registration: Contact Mary Ard ( for more information.

Download and fill out our Registration Form, and email to  Your account will be set up through Priority Software FBS Account.

Workshop Schedule: Schedule – Biological TEM Workshop
Lodging and Food in Athens GA: Workshops lodging and food


Mary Ard – Mary Ard has over 30+ years experience in electron microscopy. She is also a board-certified Histotechnician.  Mary works primarily with animal pathogens for Veterinary Pathology, but has a wide range of experience with cellular, tissue, viral, and microbiological specimens.

Past Participants include:  Merck & Co., Univ. of Maryland, Breathitt Veterinary Center, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, Stowers Inst. for Medical Res., West Virginia State Univ., Georgia State University, Louisiana State University, Ohio State Univ., Loyola Univ., Columbia Univ., University of Rhode Island, Clemson Univ., South Connecticut State Univ., Murray State Univ., Fort Valley State Univ., Savannah State Univ., and AMT Inc,

TEM grid holderTEM biological sample sectioning