Services OfferedNon-ProfitFor Profit
Technician Services$80/hour$250/hour
Transmission Electron Microscopy
TEM Sample Prep (investigator prepares samples) $275/sample$550/sample
Beam Time (investigator runs scope) $70/hour$300/hour
TEM Sample Prep (GEM Lab prepares samples)$320/sample$640/sample
Beam Time (GEM Lab runs scope)$115/hour$230/hour
Sectioning (includes Technician Services) $80/hour$250/hour
GEM Evaluation by Staff (if applicable) $50/hour$100/hour
Negative Staining (includes 30 min beam time w/lab staff) $60/sample $120/sample
Material and physical samplesRequest QuoteRequest Quote
Scanning Electron Microscopy
SEM Sample Prep (Fix, dehydration, CPD, mount, coat)
investigator prepares the samples
Beam Time (investigator runs scope)$70/hour$140/hour
SEM Sample Prep (GEM Lab prepares the samples) $317/sample$635/sample
Beam Time (GEM Lab runs scope) $115/hour$230/hour
Critical Point Drying $15/run$30/run
Carbon/Metal Coating (requires Technician Services)$15/coating$50/coating
XRF Microscope$80/session$240/session
Training and Instruction
Instrument Instruction (2 hour session) $230/sessionNA
Additional Beam Time Used – Instructional or Refresher$80/hourNA
Carbon-coated, formvar grids or Parlodian grids$2.50/grid $5/grid
Regular grids$1/grid $2/grid
Special Techniques
Plunge Freeze (requires Technician Services)$20/run$50/run
Cryo Samples for SEM/TEM (includes freeze/prep/coat)
Up to 5 samples/run/day

Revised 08/2017

Non-Profit: All Academic, State, and Federal facilities. Also includes clinics and other diagnostic facilities in which their non-profit client is presented with a bill for services.

For Profit: Commercial research facilities and other commercial organizations. All NON-PROFIT and COMMERCIAL organizations should contact the Center directly for a quote at gem@uga.edu.

Cancellation Policy: Contact GEM staff to cancel scheduled use. No-shows will be given a warning for first offense. After the initial warning, the no-show user will be charged for one-hour. Continued offenses will be billed in full for scheduled appointment.