Workshop: Low kV STEM Imaging and Chemical Analysis

This two-day short course will provide a practical and theoretical introduction to imaging and analysis with STEM operating low kV regime as well as Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy. Each day will consist of lecture, discussion and hands-on training led by GEM staff.


What: Anyone requiring training and knowledge about low kV STEM and EELS. The workshop will be limited to 3 participants based on the availability of equipment.
Cost: UGA: $500 per participants. This fee includes supplies, chemicals, hands-on beam time, personalized training by GEM staff, and completion certificate. UGA participants will also be considered trained for the SU-9000, this short course will also be the only way to gain training on how to use EELS.

Where: GEM Laboratories, Barrow Hall, UGA campus
Registration: Contact Eric Formo ( for more information and sign up. Registration requires Priority Software FBS account.
Lunch is provided each day.
Instructor:  Eric Formo, Ph.D. – Dr. Formo is the Lab Manager of GEM. He has many years of experience with the imaging and analysis of a wide array of material and polymer samples.