Video Conferencing Backgrounds

How to make a Georgia Electron Microscopy image your background in Zoom

1. Click on a photo from the gallery below and save it to your device.
2. In Zoom, click the upward arrow, next to the Stop Video icon.
3. Select Choose Virtual Background.
4. Click the + in the top right corner and select the photo.
5. Check the Mirror my video box. The image will look backward to you but will appear normal to the person viewing your video feed.

Inside the SEM

Inside of the Teneo SEM at Georgia Electron Microscopy

TEM Sample Rod

TEM Specimen Rod with a Copper Grid

SEM Stubs

A Collection of SEM Sample Stubs

Cascade Confetti

SEM Image of BaFeSi4O10 Crystals; M&M Image of 2016


SEM Image of Possible Micrometeorites


An SEM Image of BaFeSi4O10 Nanowires and Crystals

Clam Gill

A TEM Image of Clam Gill


Diffraction Pattern of TaS3 Quasi-1D Nanowires

Lacey Carbon Web

Bright Field Image of a Lacey Carbon Grid

SEM Room

Teneo Room at Georgia Electron Microscopy


An SEM Image of the Spines of a Saddleback Caterpillar

TEM Grid

Image of a Copper TEM Sample Grid

The New Home of GEM

Construction of the New I-STEM Building the Future Home of Georgia Electron Microscopy

Phosphorescent Screen

Phosphorescent Screen of the JEOL TEM


Image of the JEOL TEM at Georgia Electron Microscopy

Fossil Shells

Optical Microscope Image of Fossil Shells


An SEM Image of Listeria Monocytogenes

Ventral Head

An SEM Image of a Ventral Head